Monday, 3 August 2009

The best steak restaurant in the world........perhaps

I promised when I wrote my Boston Blog that I would tell you all about Abe & Louie's steakhouse - so here we go.

The benchmark for the best steak has always been at Keens Olde English Chophouse located in New York, discovered by Paulie and Andy on our first trip to the Big Apple. I ordered a Kings Prime cut which looked like this.

It was terrific. Melt in your mouth delicious. We ordered a couple of side dishes to accompany the steak, but these remained largely untouched because the steak was that large and that good. If you ever find yourself in New York, this is a place you must visit. Keens Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

The hunt for the best steak continued when we found ourselves in Chicago last November. My parents had eaten at Smith & Wollensky's here and made a very bold statement that the steak was better than the one they had in Keens. This is something we could not ignore so we booked in to see for ourselves. I decided to order the prime rib.

I don't have a pre-dinner picture, but I'm not sure that this steak was better than Keens. We decided that we would need to eat one night in Keens and the next at S&W's to be able to be sure. Next trip maybe!! Smith & Wollensky on Urbanspoon

So, me, Cazzie, Paulie and Karen then found ourselves in Boston 7 months later and there was a Smith & Wollensky's right next to our hotel with the general consensus being that we should eat there. After a quick chat to the hotel concierge, he informed us that a place called Abe & Louie was "much better than Smith & Wollensky's).". I'll be honest with you - I didn't believe him, but I have always been a fan of local knowledge, so reservations were made. If we didn't like it, we could always go to S&W the next night.

When we walked in, you could tell that place was going to be something special. Nice low lighting, bustling atmosphere and it was full. What was great about this place was even though the place was full, you didn't feel over crowded. We were shown to our table, which was more like a booth. Our waiter for the evening was called Matt - who as it happens was from Chicago. This was pretty much the only guy we saw for the rest of our meal. What I don't like about some places is when you see 6 different people during your meal. One to show you to the table, one to ask what drinks you want, one to bring the drinks, one to bring the bread, one to take your order and one who brings your order. It's not a personal service. But Abe&Louie was totally different and it was so refreshing. Paulie ordered the wine with Matt who tottered off to go get it. About 2 mins later he came back with a small glass of different wine for Paulie to taste. The wine was better, would accompany the meal better and was actually cheaper. Too many places try and offer you a different bottle of wine that's actually more expensive and try to screw you over.

I had ordered another prime rib - double cut this time - while Cazzie and Karen went for the fillet on the bone. Paulie had the sirloin (I think).

This was the best steak I have ever had. It was stunning. Tasty, juicy, tender, succulent. I could go on. Cazzie, Karen and Paulie agreed. There was no meat left on any one's plate by the end of the meal. The 2 bottles of wine was a perfect accompaniment to the meal. Matt kept dropping by and asking if the meal was OK. He even stopped for a chat about Chicago, Smith & Wollensky's and a gave us a few "must do"'s if we are ever back in the Windy City.

Even the deserts were excellent. We didn't want a huge portion each, so Matt arranged for us to have a selection of all of the best deserts.

Each one was so tasty. Rich and sweet.

The meal was finished off with a very healthy Irish coffee.

This was, without a doubt, the best steak experience I have ever had and if you are ever in Boston, you must go here....and ask for Matt!!

The hunt still continues, but the benchmark is now Abe&Louie. Abe & Louie's on Urbanspoon



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